About the Fund for Children


The Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children is the National Registered Charity of the Elks of Canada.


The Fund for Children was established so members of the Order had a national instrument to complement their local charitable and community service efforts. The national charity provides a unified focus and objective for the members and is a great source of pride among the Lodges.


Purpose of the Fund

The Purpose of the Fund for Children is to provide:

          1. Financial Assistance for the good and welfare of a child prior to attaining his/her 19th birthday when an application is sponsored by a Lodge.

          2. Funding for programs that address the needs of children with hearing and speech disorders.

          3. Charitable programs and services provided for and approved by the membership in the annual operating budget.


Administration of the Fund

The day to day administration of the Fund for Children is carried out by Grand Lodge staff under the direction of the Executive Director and National Charities Committee Chairman in accordance with the policies set by the National Charities Committee.


More about the Fund

The national charity enables a Lodge to respond at any time to a child in their community with medical needs even if they do not have charitable funds in their own account. In this way, the national charity becomes a local charity. Be accessing the Fund when necessary, Lodges can build their profile in the community as a caring organization and one worth joining. By donating to the Fund when they are able, Lodges contribute to an insurance policy of sorts for all Lodges to access in times of need. 


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The National Charities Committee

The National Charities Committee is a standing Grand Lodge Committee that is reponsible for the overall operation and condition of the National Charity -- The Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children. Together they direct the Fund and it's programs while promoting the Order and it's national presence.


As per Grand Lodge Bylaw, the National Charities Committee consists of members who are appointed by the Grand Executive. The committee members are appointed annually at the Grand Lodge Convention by the Grand Executive upon the recommendation of the incoming Grand Exalted Ruler.


1. The general administration of the National Charity.

2. To receive, investigate and consider all requests sponsored by a Lodge.

3. To receive, investigate and consider all requests from Lodges and associations for on-going charitable programs related to hearing and speech.

4. To promote charitable activity throughout the Order.

5. To publicly identify all programs of the National Charities Committee as "Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children".


Recognitions and Awards

The Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children provided funding for seven international conferences resulting in world-wide recommendations for the identification, diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss.

The Fund for Children introduced hearing testing services to rural areas by administering mobile van programs in co-operation witht he governments of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

In 1976, the first CASLPA (Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Auidologists) Award for Distinguished Service was presented to Robert Coulling of the Elks of Canada -- the driving force behind the Elks Purple Cross Deaf Detection and Development Program.

In recognition of years of dedicated and effective contributions significant to the fields of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, the charity was the recipient of the ASHS (American Speech-Language Hearing Association) Distinguished Service Awars in 1987 -- the first time this prestigious award was ever given to an organization outside the United States.

The Elks & Royal Purple of Canada were awarded the CASLPA (Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologsists and Audiologists) Consumer Advocacy Award in 1999.

In 2014, the Elks & Royal Purple FUnd for Children was awarded SAC's Presidential Citation for outstanding service to Speech-Language & Audiology Canada and significant contributions to the advancement of communication health.



                                                     ASHA                                                  CASLPA                                                  SAC

                                   Distinguished Service Award            Consumer Advocacy Award                    Presidential Citation